I am a UX Researcher with a background in Psychology and Personal Fitness. I am dedicated to discovering the how and why behind user experience in a never ending effort to create user friendly solutions to everyday problems. I discovered my passion for UX research and design while taking a Human Factors course at The College of Wooster. Pursuing the study of Psychology allowed me to develop a better understanding for the why of human nature on a broad scale which has helped countless times when applying those lessons to the field of User Experience. 

Since graduating from The College of Wooster, I have had a multitude of work experience in varying fields. Past employers have often described me as hardworking and reliable. They note that when I don't know something, I ask, and when I need to master a new skill I don't stop trying until I have succeeded. I am looking for a career that will never cease to challenge me, requiring me to think and act on my feet, and continue to grow as a researcher and a person. Most importantly I am looking for a career that will allow me to have a real impact on the world by utilizing my creativity and passion.