Ongoing Contract


UX Researcher/Designer
Working directly with the CEO of Workout Widget a team of four UX Professionals including myself conducted in-depth User Interviews based on provided survey data, created detailed Personas, and are currently working on those personas' user journeys prior to beginning work on user flows and wire-framing.


Springboard UX/UI Capstone Project

Bike Hero

UX Researcher/Designer
Conducted thorough research and rigorous usability testing of designs to create an e-commerce website that specializes not only in selling bicycles, but in providing information about what local stores carry each bike to allow users to try before they buy.

5 Day Design Sprint

City Pets

UX Researcher/Designer
Provided with initial user feedback to the then named City Pups existing application, I was tasked with re-designing the application to better meet user needs through a 5 day design sprint. Exploring each of the 5 essential steps to UX Design I developed an MVP called City Pets. 

Landing Page.png
Fitness Family Home.png

Springboard UX/UI Capstone Project

Fitness Family

UX Researcher/Designer
Conducted thorough research and rigorous usability testing of designs to create a matching application to allow fitness enthusiasts to find those who share similar interests and interact, encourage each other from the comfort of their own devices.

3 Week Freelance Contract

Doni - Gifts & Wish Lists

UX Researcher/Designer
Contracted by Doni's founders and developers to re-design and gamify their money saving application targeting members of generation Z. Using research techniques such as a heuristic analysis, contextual interviews, and affinity mapping my team was able to identify the most critical user pain points and start testing solutions.

Doni Portfolio Project_edited.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.52.52

2 Week Research Sprint

Personal Record- Workout App

UX Researcher
Tasked with researching a solution to a personal problem, I chose to look into fitness apps used to record workout information. After compiling a huge list of user requested features through interviews and online surveys I sought help from developers to compile an MVP diagram for a paper prototype.

2 Week Design Sprint

Kickstarter Subscriptions

UX Researcher/Designer

As part of a three person team, I lead the research into conceptually adding a subscription feature to Kickstarter's mobile website. Utilizing such techniques as comparative analyses, personas, storyboarding, online surveys and in-person interviews.

Project 3 Presentation- Kickstarter (1).

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