2 Week Design Sprint

Kickstarter Subscriptions

UX Researcher/Designer

As part of a three person team, I lead the research into conceptually adding a subscription feature to Kickstarter's mobile website. Utilizing such techniques as comparative analyses, personas, storyboarding, online surveys and in-person interviews.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.52.52 PM.pn

2 Week Research Sprint

Personal Record- Workout App

UX Researcher
Tasked with researching a solution to a personal problem, I chose to look into fitness apps used to record workout information. After compiling a huge list of user requested features through interviews and online surveys I sought help from developers to compile an MVP diagram for a paper prototype.

3 Week Freelance Contract

Doni - Gifts & Wish Lists

UX Researcher/Designer
Contracted by Doni's founders and developers to re-design and gamify their money saving application targeting members of generation Z. Using research techniques such as a heuristic analysis, contextual interviews, and affinity mapping my team was able to identify the most critical user pain points and start testing solutions.

Doni Portfolio Project_edited.png

Ongoing Personal Project

UX Researcher/Designer
Currently researching and designing an application, which upon completion will aim to match people who desire to workout, with others who desire to do the same. The app will function much like a dating app but to match workout partners instead of dating partners. Utilizing a screener survey as well as potential user interviews.

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